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Having trouble with your gas fire? The first question is aways “when did you last have it serviced? We usually find the answer to that question is ” I do not know” or “never”

if its not too late we can usually restore and repair your fire to its manufactured state without the need of replacement parts. Should we need to replace parts we always stock the major manufacturers parts so we can repair on the spot.

We take the time to carry out all the required testings and fine tune any settings that have gone a stray to insure all is working as it should.

Regulations change over time to protect the safety of the user and their surroundings, and we always carryout a visual inspection to insure you are safe and your fire is working to current regulations.

Safety is our number one priority. No shortcuts in gas works is allowed and we take pride in our engineers being a part of the gas safe register www.gassaferegister.co.uk.